The Roux Group President

Siobhan McKay
Roux Group President
AUGIS Trainee Representative

Firstly, thank you for electing me as you trainee representative on AUGIS Council, and President of AUGISt.  It has long been felt that there is more that could be done to enhance upper GI trainees’ education, engagement and research opportunities, to a similar level of allied specialty trainee organisations.

I believe that by working together and harnessing the enthusiasm of all upper GI trainees we can achieve great things as a trainee organisation.

The current committee have therefore voted to revitalise and rebrand AUGISt to the Roux Group, to represent the new aims and objectives of the group.  We will continue to be aligned with AUGIS, and be represented in the AUGIS Council, and aim to increase the trainee voice at all levels of the organisation.

Roux Group Objectives

  • The Roux Group will engage with trainee members via educational events throughout the year designed to target various aspects of the upper GI curriculum and promote networking and collaboration amongst its members to promote excellence in the field.
  • The Roux Group will work directly with AUGIS-affiliated associations, such as BOMMS and GBIHPBA, to maximise opportunities for its members and align its activities with these organisations, and ensure the trainee voice is heard.
  • The Roux Group will promote upper GI surgery as a career for medical students, foundation doctors and core trainees, to increase the uptake of the specialty and support their career progression.
  • The Roux Group will organise an annual training weekend free to members to enhance education and training, and provide an opportunity for a social get together at the Gala Dinner following the AGM
  • The Roux Group Committee will be elected in a democratic and transparent process at the Annual Roux Group Weekend