The CESR Pathway

CESR for all & all for CESR


CESR Evidence

Click here for a summary document detailing the required evidence for CESR in General Surgery


The GMC guidance – A Quantitative assessment

Make sure you have the latest online version on the GMC website. Print this out and read it carefully. Make folders as detailed and collect your evidence (typically 3-4 years to collect, including your FRCS exam). Only start uploading your application once you are ready to (you have a 12 month window to apply once you begin online). Click here for more information


The JCST/RCS guidance – A Qualitative assessment

Click here for a link with indicative numbers numbers for work-based assessments (CBDs, PBAs)


Your work based assessments

Use ISCP (link) to easily upload progress, personal development and help with assessments (Costs £260GBP / yr)


Your operative logbook

Use the free elogbook (link). Note –The Surgical curriculum is changing in August 2020, which means the CESR requirements will also be affected. The CESR engagement workshop detailed a few work based assessments that would change. Hence, watch out for these changes.

And finally…

The 2020 General Surgery CESR workshop at the ASGBI 2020 – 11thJune 2020

Spread the word – every SAS surgeon must have the opportunity to progress. Be there & bring one, we need to support our CESR fellows.